Craig Holiday – Someday is Today, Day #14

“Football Hall of Famer Roger Staubach came and spoke at one of my events and during his speech he described the moments that were significant to him in achieving the success of leading the Dallas Cowboys to two Superbowl victories and four National Football Conference (NFC) championships. Surprisingly, he didn’t talk about the many wins that had led the Cowboys to the Superbowl, rather he talked about the small victories he had as a child growing up.

He talked about how every day he would challenge himself to throw a football through a tire that was in his back yard 100 times every day.  If he missed, he would start all over again.  If his father called him in for dinner, he would still continue until he had accomplished his goal of getting that football to sail through the tire 100 times without fail.

He went on to say to it was those small victories in those private moments that made the most impact on him, that is was those memories that made him feel the most proud.

Sometimes the most significant moments in our lives are those private moments of success that no one else sees.  The first time we make a certain dollar amount in a check or the first time we pass a certain level in our business, something as simple as meeting 20 new people in a month – it is the little victories we achieve that set the foundation for big success later.

Did Roger Staubach know he would be a SuperBowl winner when he stood there day after day throwing that football?  No, but he knew that the discipline and accomplishment of those small successes would lead to better talent and bigger achievements in his life.

Today, make clear concise smaller goals for yourself that you know you can achieve.  Set a timeline and take steps every day to achieve those smaller goals.  You will be feel proud that you have accomplished these goals and it will propel you to achieve bigger and bigger dreams.  You will be laying the foundation of good habits that will grow your success into the big goals you ultimately set for yourself.

Take that time to throw the football 100 times without fail each day – whatever that means for you – and your Superbowl victory will await!

I believe in you!”

–Craig Holiday



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