Simple Daily Detox Practices

I have a pretty quick and concise post for you today about two simple daily detox practices you can adopt into your life for fresher skin, improved circulation, and a cleaner mouth.


1. In the morning, as part of your teeth-cleaning routine: 

The benefits of tongue-scraping are improved taste, better digestion and tooth health, stronger throat function, cleaner sinuses, and removing odors in the breath. I suggest using a Tongue Scraper right after you are done brushing your teeth and rinsing with water, but before using mouthwash. This practice thoroughly cleans the tongue where a lot of nasty things like to live. Your toothbrush doesn’t have to be a one-man army, get some backup cleaning tools in there.

You use the Tongue Scraper tool by simply holding it with both hands and sliding it from the back of your tongue to the front several times, with a fair amount of pressure, to scrape off the residue. Be sure to rinse the residue off the scraper between each slide and keep the scraper clean and dry, just as you would your toothbrush.

Be advised: It will likely gross you out a little bit when you scrape a bunch of thick, white’ish gunk off your tongue. However, it may also make you happy to know that all that gunk is no longer inside your mouth….


2. In the morning or evening, before your shower:

Dry-Skin Brushing is a very old technique that serves several purposes. It has been shown to stimulate circulation and cell renewal, remove dead skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite, tighten the skin, and overall improved system functions.

It is a very easy thing to do. You begin with completely dry skin (do not wet your skin or the brush) and using a long-handled, natural-bristle brush, stroke your skin somewhat vigorously, but using lighter strokes on sensitive areas. Always start with the soles of your feet and work your way up, brushing toward the direction of your heart.

Use circular strokes on your abdomen and finally brush from your hands upward to your shoulders.  Be sure to brush your whole body completely and treat this practice as your own little daily spa ritual. Follow immediately with a shower including a cool burst of water at the end to give yourself an even more invigorating experience.


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