What’s with all the red?

Have you ever noticed how common the color RED is in food and restaurant advertising?? The reason for this is that the colors red, orange, and yellow are known to stimulate the appetite. Red, especially, because it also creates excitement and energy, so much so that it can even raise our heart-rate. Because of this, it makes perfect advertising-sense to use red in food marketing to get people both hungry and excited about a product.

Do you sometimes wonder why a presumably simple purchase requires you to walk all the way to the back of the market, past everything else, to find it? The seller is deliberately trying to make it difficult to go in for just one loaf of bread or bundle of bananas by requiring you to walk past a hundred other other tasty treats in order to get to them.

There is also a reason why brightly-colored and eye-catching displays are arranged on every end-cap. The manufacturers of the products paid the retailer a hefty sum for placement there during a given period of time. And the same thing goes for the plain old regular aisle shelves too! Product placement at eye-level is made possible by nothing short of legalized bribery. Companies literallyΒ buyΒ their positions on the store’s shelves.

Grocery stores with bakeries make sure that delightfully inviting smells breeze through their stores during peak shopping times in an effort to entice people to purchase some sort of decadent dessert with their other goods. Its a money-making ploy, not a convenient coincidence, that the aroma of warm apple pie is seeping into your nose while you’re just looking for some bread, milk, and eggs. (Or spirulina, coconut, and black beans. Whatever.)

We need to be smarter about our shopping. Food should never need to be sold and advertised anyway. Buying food should be about nourishing our bodies and enjoying our meals, not about falling victim to marketing trickery. Buy what you eat because you WANT it, not because you were gently-persuaded into it by some clever advertising. Β πŸ˜‰


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