Five Things I’ve Learned…

This post was inspired by a book I am reading by Brendon Burchard.
I hope you enjoy. 🙂

Five things I have learned about motivating myself and achieving my dreams are:

  1. The early bird catches the worm. Rise from bed at 5:00am.
  2. Read every article, interview, and case-study you can find that pertain to your goals.
  3. The most important thing is to be consistent in your daily activities.
  4. Do not ever, under any circumstance, let negative people bring you down.
  5. There is something almost magical about creating accountability systems. Do it.

Five things I have learned about leading others and being a good team-player are:

  1. There is nothing more valuable than truly listening to what people are saying.
  2. Being encouraging and supportive is the best course-of-action in every case.
  3. Collaboration in a group setting can evoke absolutely incredible ideas.
  4. Being a living example, “practicing what you preach”, is imperative.
  5. Sharing, inspiring, and motivating are better than selling, telling, and demanding in every case.

Five things I have learned about managing money are:

  1. People are very likely to follow their parents financial lead, mirroring their habits.
  2. Simplicity is better. We really don’t need so much stuff!
  3. Saving for a rainy day is a really hard thing for some people, but we have to find way to do it.
  4. Corporate America will screw you over no matter how good of an employee you are.
  5. It is experiences, not possessions, that bring the greatest joy. Use money to go do stuff!

Five things I have learned about having a successful business are:

  1. Your best clients and customers are the repeat ones. Treat them like friends.
  2. You can never know too much about your industry. Read, read, and read some more.
  3. The Two A’s –  Accountant and Attorney, make sure you have good ones.
  4. Do not hire your significant other to be your office manager. Ever!
  5. Keep yourself on a schedule and use an effective to-do list app on your phone.

Five things I have learned about marketing a product or brand are:

  1. Be honest. Above all, be honest and clear in marketing campaigns.
  2. Color is a major motivator in advertising. Use the right ones!
  3. Keep things simple and precise. All you need to do is to make them curious.
  4. Give something away for free. Make it memorable and useful so they come back for more!
  5. Being an all-business-and-cut-throat salesperson is the fast track to failure. Be sincere.

Five things I have learned about being a good partner in a relationship are:

  1. The single most important thing you can give someone is forgiveness.
  2. Clearly communicating is mandatory. Never assume or misrepresent anything!
  3. Marriage requires good sex. Be actively and joyously intimate with your partner.
  4. No relationship is ever going to be perfect. Act with love, do your best, forget the rest.
  5. Spend time together doing anything you want, so long as it makes you both happy.

Five things I have learned about spirituality and connecting with the Divine are:

  1. All the religions of the world, every single one, are perfectly valid and beautiful as they are.
  2. Prayer works. True story.
  3. Details are up for individual interpretation, but God exists, and God is love.
  4. You reap what you sew and you draw your own Karma. This is undeniable fact.
  5. Its not about rules or religion – its about a relationship. The light, love, and energy of being.

Five things I have learned about fashion, decorating, and home organizing are:

  1. You already have your own style. You don’t need a magazine to tell it to you.
  2. Bright, light, and breezy makes for a happy home.
  3. Animal fur really sucks a lot. Never wear it!! Its disgusting!
  4. Keep the front 3/4 of your counter-tops clear of any items to help reduce clutter.
  5. You can never have too many pairs of jeans. You just can’t.

Five things I have learned about managing my life and being effective are:

  1. Get the negative, nasty, mean, and hateful people out of your life. They’re toxic.
  2. Only partake in activities that are conducive to your goals and priorities.
  3. If something is really easy to do, its probably not at all worth doing.
  4. Be yourself. Seriously, people either like you or they don’t. It doesn’t matter, be YOU!
  5. Working out, good food, yoga, meditation, and self-care make everything else possible.

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