Goals vs Intentions

This is a big topic that I want to discuss in condensed form.
I hope it comes out alright…


Goals: [Noun] Achievements that we have planned for the future. These are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timed points-of-accomplishment that the sum total of our day-to-day activities are designed to lead us toward.

Intentions: [Verb] The method of our being in the current moment, in the ever-present now. Intention is not set in the past or future, but in how we are approaching the moment we are living in right this very second. Intention is the present act of whether or not we are working mindfully and from a place of love and compassion.

We all know the routine…it goes something like this:

We set our goals and develop the activities and habits that will bring us toward those goals. This is a perfectly good system that has been in place for centuries, and of course there is nothing wrong with having a plan. Granted, clinging tightly to plans, and not allowing for natural shift and flow will almost certainly become a problem, but the plan itself is not. Goal plans are just blueprints, inanimate objects like maps or guidebooks that are meant to help, not hinder. So we break our goals down, figure out what is necessary to reach them, and then start moving in that direction by making the choices necessary to do so. Obviously I’m summarizing here, but you get the idea.

It is in the execution of our daily activities where intention comes into play. The question to ask yourself, over and over and over again, is if the way you are behaving in this very moment is mindful and loving. You may have to ask yourself this question multiple times, every single day of your life, but it is a very valuable inquiry to make.

Its about doing the little things that we do every day with a calm and collected energy, operating from a place of love and understanding. Its completely up to you to determine what actions you’re going to take and what habits you want to develop in order to bring your goals into fruition. Intention is about your approach to those actions and habits, in the moments that they occur.

Its important to understand that we are responsible for our behaviors in every second, regardless of whatever it is that drives the behavior. We often go skipping through our lives heading the direction of our dreams, apparently forgetting that there is an entire universe being affected by our actions. Pouncing around in this way is very careless because what we do as individuals contributes to the whole. The things that we say and do make a real difference. Words, thoughts, and actions all carry energy and most certainly make an impact on the world around us. Therefore, we must constantly shift our awareness back to right intention, striving to work mindfully through our daily activities.

Feel absolutely free to move in the direction of your dreams. Just do it nicely, being careful not to trample on any other beings in the process.

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