Its not easy, but its worth it.

“Nothing ever comes to one, that is worth having, except as a result of hard work.”  -Booker T. Washington

Perfectly said.

Not to discredit the value of regular rest and relaxation – we need that as much as anything. What I’m talking about are the life choices we make each day. Those that require some amount of effort and those that don’t. The choices that nourish or improve us in some way and those that bind us. Like….

Is it easy to wake-up and exercise for an hour before the sun has even come up?
Not typically, no.
Is it easy to hit the snooze button, sleep-in, and mumble something about doing it later?

Is it easy to work, study, or complete assignments with unlimited internet access?
Of course not…distractions are everywhere.
Is it easy to scroll through your social media feeds and absorb all the needless input?
Too easy.

Is it easy to stick to your budget, plan out meals, make time for friendships, remain loving and intimate with your spouse, or get up early on a Sunday for church?
No….none of that is particularly easy. The easier way is binge shopping, drive-thru burgers, hiding alone with Netflix, taking our loved ones for granted, and lazy weekend mornings.

The easy-way-out and minimal-effort choices are usually just methods of avoidance or procrastination. We make these kind of choices because deep down, we either fear or simply reject the alternative. Not that we don’t desire the result of consistently choosing that alternative, but the habitual changes required to get there are seemingly too much.

But if you reflect on everything you’ve done in life that made you feel truly accomplished in some way or another, you’ll likely find that it first required work on your part. You had to invest some part of yourself in the whole thing, and no doubt there were a couple sacrifices made and habits adjusted. And in the end, you gained something valuable from the process. Be it a tangible object or some sort of personal growth, you made a true effort toward a goal and gained from it.

We make choices every day, both big and small, and the results of these choices are the circumstances of our lives. We have to be willing to delay the easy, do the work, and move in a forward direction. The truth is that making the right choices as often as possible is what leads us in the direction of our dreams. And when I say “possible”, that is exactly what I mean. I don’t mean “as often as convenient”. No. I mean as often as humanly possible. We have to choose to change always, not just when it fits in nicely.

So while its perfectly fine to acknowledge and address the difficulty of our pursuits, we can easily get ourselves  into trouble if we start believing the difficulties are greater than the pursuits themselves.

Fortunately, if our day-to-day efforts are in alignment with the whole, meaning they serve the greater good and/or improve our quality of life, then the pursuit is always greater.

Don’t ever give up because something is “hard”.
Dig into  your heart to find your strength and persevere.
You’ll be glad you did.



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