Best of the Week – Feb 12 2012

I’ve decided to do something new with my Sunday blogging, and that is to share a weekly round-up of the best articles, videos, and blogs that I come across each week. So, welcome toΒ my inaugural edition of “Best of the Week”. πŸ˜‰

Here is the top stuff I’ve seen this week.
(In the order that I came upon them…)

1. The 20 Best Foods In Your Grocery Store on Livestrong

2. Four Way to Spot Your Weaknesses on Livestrong

3. Twelve Instant Health Upgrades on Livestong

4. Portable Snacking Tips and Ideas on SparkPeople

5. Nine Cross-Training Activities for Runners on SparkPeople

6. Ten Must-Dos for Staying Healthy on Muscle & Fitness Hers

7. Foam Roller Exercises and Myofascial Release Demo Videos on SparkPeople

8. Turning Your Body to Light (meditation) on YogaJournal


From the writers at
“To avoid slouching, imagine that you have a headlightβ€”or “heart light”β€”shining there at the center of your heart. Make sure the beam shines forward, not down in your lap when you’re sitting or toward the floor when you’re standing. To find what’s known as the “center of the heart,” gently tap yourself on your sternum with the fingers of one hand. You can find the sternum toward the top of your torso between your nipples. This is where the heart chakra, or heart center, is. This area should be open (and shining) in most yoga poses, and when you are sitting or standing in regular life.”


“There is no difference between living and learning…it is impossible and misleading and harmful to think of them as being separate.” Β –John Holt (author)

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