Where is the LOVE?

I really think the Black Eyed Peas got it right with this one:

That’s how I feel when I look at the world. I really wonder just what is going on?
We sit here hating each other, fighting wars, trying to govern one another based on our own beliefs. This is happening on every level – between individuals, between countries, between corporations, religions, and races. Its happening everywhere, all around us. It overwhelms me and I don’t pretend to understand it, not even on my most cynical days. I just keep watching and wondering why any of this continues. How long have we been doing this, and what exactly has been accomplished by it? How many wars have been fought over the course of history? How many acts of revenge have been taken? How many crimes of hate? How many lives destroyed, tragedies endured, and loved ones lost?

This has been going on for eons. But why? What is the point of all this hate, violence, and suffering?

Nobody is ever going to win!!!!

How hard is that to recognize???? How can we not see that this is a vicious and useless and wasteful, psychotic, and ignorant cycle of pure nonsense?!?! This is madness that we create. Day-in and day-out…just propagating hate everywhere…

We were designed, built, and placed here on this planet together for a reason. That reason is to coexist. Peacefully.
No group is ever going to overtake the whole thing without completely destroying all of it. 

Again on every level, individual to worldly. To overtake the entirety of something means to destroy it because it can no longer grow, shift, and evolve as it naturally would otherwise.

We’re never going to get rid of anyone. There will never come a day that there are no more Christians, or no more Muslims, or no more Hindus. There will never be a time that an entire race of human beings is destroyed by another. Its not possible. We are inherently survivors, there will always be some that remain and prevail. That is part of the human experience and we excel at it. We have mastered the art of survival. No one will ever be completely eliminated. But we’ll surely keep trying, won’t we?…

And try as we might, all those who are or have been oppressed will inevitably fight on. We’re all motivated from deep within to carry-on, to keep on truckin’, and we do.

The very unfortunate flip-side of that is how so many have become dedicated to living a life of hate. And like I said, its on every level. Government, corporate, religious, and individual…all leading campaigns of hatred against others. Why????? What has this accomplished, I mean truly? Have we advanced as a species, evolved to some higher level of concioussness, or discovered one all-inclusive truth of existence?
Absolutely not. We’ve been operating in a shit-cycle for thousands of years. We’re still cavemen as far as spiritual evolution is concerned. In fact…I take that back. Cavemen were actually far closer to liberation than we are today.

We have nuclear weapons. We have virtually invisible fighter jets. We have sheep that grow human organs. We have genetically modified seafood that matures to three times its natural size. We’ve been to outer-space. We have phones that can think for themselves. We have cars that will soon drive by themselves. We have instant access to everything we could ever want.

That’s amazing…

But we also have no less than three massive global conflicts occurring at any given moment. We have at least that many personal conflicts in our everyday lives. We see people suffering, like truly suffering from hunger and disease or worse, but we don’t help them very much. We fight wars with the entire world and make laws to control others, and we do this based on our own beliefs, concepts, and ideals.

Who gave us the right to treat each other this way?
What makes anyone believe they’re better than someone else?
When are we going to realize that peace is actually the way?
Where are the advocates of love and voices of  truth?
Why do we continue to hurt each other?

These are the questions that I ask myself every single day. I ponder them during those reflective moments of silence when I’m running alone or taking a shower. I want to answer these questions, but I don’t think its possible. Everyone is so unique and we’re all operating from different and often vastly opposing perspectives. So I don’t suspect the answers to those questions can truly be found, but I do know that peace has to begin with ourselves.

My goal in all that I do, in all that I write, in all that I share, is to encourage LOVING this life. Not just living it, not just taking care of ourselves, but to LOVE and to give back to the world. I will be perfectly honest, to consume oneself with personal betterment without contributing compassionately to the world is a completely narcissistic endeavor. If we seek to become better as individuals in all that we do, without ever stopping to care about purposes greater than our own, then we’ve become self-absorbed. Regardless of how noble we believe our purpose to be, if there is no balance and sharing of our gifts outside our own operations, then we have failed at giving love.

So I hope that all of us take time every single day to love others, to love the world, and to make an effort toward peace. I hope that is the message we’re teaching our children. Will you seek to practice and cultivate peace? Will you give love instead of judgement? If someone asked you “where is the love?”, would you show them your heart?…

Its just something to think about, I guess.

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2 thoughts on “Where is the LOVE?

  1. Well said. I think a lot of people throughout the globe are still very much in lack mode, and I don’t mean the starving millions in the third world! The sooner those in the west realise we are incredibly abundant even at the lowest levels (look at the services available to most of us) the sooner we’ll concentrate on helping those that aren’t. thereby sharing the love. Stu

    • Thank you for your comment, Stu! 🙂
      I definitely agree with you. We need to be more connected to one another, and much more aware of the needs outside our own everyday lives. I think if we seek as individuals to be supportive of the global community and compassionate to all other beings in general, we could create a massive shift toward peace and love.

      “Be the change…” right? ❤

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