Why I Love Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a somewhat new part of my life. I have only been practicing this style for a couple months, but I have found that it just feels incredible. I am going to try to describe this, so bear with me…

Take yourself back to like, age 7-10 or thereabout. You’re young, wild, and free – in every sense of the term. Now,Β imagine thatΒ its Summer time, you’re out of school, and staying at Grandma’s house for the week. Your friends start calling for you from the front yard so you take-off out the door and hop on your bike. You and your buddies start pedaling down the street with no destination, intention, or goal in mind…just riding.

Can you remember the way you FELT???

I use this particular scenario because it seems the most relatable. I think we can all recall a time in our lives when we lived pretty much this exact experience. Truth be told, we probably lived it many, many times over the course of our young lives. At least until we got a bit older and lost our innocence…but that is another day and another blog, haha! πŸ˜‰

For the moment, go back to that memory. Stop reading and close your eyes for a few minutes if you have to. Just picture yourself at that time, when life was 100% absolutely care-free. All you were responsible for was coming home by the time the street lights were on. Everything else was effortless…pure, unaltered, vibrant freedom.

So again, I ask….can you remember how you felt? I surely hope so, because that is the only way that I can think of to describe the way Kundalini Yoga makes me feel.

Kundalini practice requires a unique type of endurance. The idea is to continue working through an asana or movement for longer than its comfortable. Now that is typically true for most styles of yoga, but my point is that this style has touched meΒ differentlyΒ than others have.Β Also, its not a stretching sensation that you’re working through so much as a burning one. Its more aerobic and the goal is to get the “other side” of that discomfort. Β Again, this is a common theme among many yoga styles, but the last time I fell this deeply in love with a style of Yoga was when I first found Vinyasa.Β But anyway, you’ll know that you’ve gotten to this “other side” that I keep talking about when you spontaneously experience that childhood-summertime-bike-riding feeling during, and as a result of, your yoga practice.

I recommend trying Kundalini so long as you don’t mind a little bit of work and sweat with your yoga. Adding to that, a towel draped over your mat could prove beneficial. Softness and absorption might be more enjoyable than sticky, in this particular case.

I wanted to really make sure this was something I loved before I wrote about it or before I encouraged anyone else to do it. And I Β have to say, its just pretty darn awesome. As I mentioned above, the last time I felt so wonderfully about a style of Yoga was when I discovered Vinyasa/Flow. I was fairly dedicated to that one type of practice for a very long time, enjoying the fluidity of it and alignment of breath and body-movement. However, what I have learned from this is that by focusing mainly on one style, I had closed myself off to other avenues of blissfulness.

That being said, you may not like Kundalini at all. Perhaps another style of yoga will help you get to that “other side” where you get to feel like a kid again. There are so many options when it comes to finding the right type of yoga for you and its very much worth experimenting until you do.

My overall point is to try the various forms of yoga until you find the one that brings you to bliss. You obviously still have to do the work through your practice to get to the ‘other side’ and experience the feelings of bliss, but its far more likely to happen if you can be open to the many different paths available to bring you there. πŸ™‚

Namaste. ❀


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