The fitness necessity you might be missing…

(Hmmm, have I written about this topic before? Quite possibly…)

At any rate, I have noticed that a lot of people do not properly cool-down and stretch after their workouts and I want to discuss the importance of doing so. These practices should never be overlooked and should be considered integral pieces of your fitness regimen.

Why Do A Post-Workout Cool-Down????

  • To help your heart rate and breathing return to resting levels gradually.
  • To avoid fainting or dizziness, which can result from blood pooling in the large muscles of the legs when vigorous activity is stopped suddenly.
  • To remove waste products from your muscles (such as lactic acid) which can build up during vigorous activity.
  • To help prepare your muscles for the next exercise session, whether it’s the next day or a couple days out.

Why Do Post-Workout Stretching????

  • To increase and improve overall flexibility and range-of-motion.
  • To improve circulation and increasing blood flow to your muscles.
  • To support good posture by keeping muscles from getting tight.
  • To relieve stress.
  • To improve coordination and balance by helping to maintain range-of-motion in the joints.

So if you’ve been skipping these two things because you’re short on time or don’t think they’re important elements of your workout, then it’s high time for a change in your approach. Proper cool-down and stretching is mandatory. Recognize the importance of these two things and make time to fit them in.

Foam Rolling! Β But we’ll talk about that another day. πŸ˜‰

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