The October Unprocessed Challenge

The October Unprocessed Challenge is back for its fourth year! (This is my first time doing it.) I am on-board for this and wanted to invite you to do the same. Go here to take the pledge!

This challenge is hosted by Andrew Wilder of

I am going to go through this challenge documenting my entire menu for the month of October here on my blog.

I am doing this for a couple reasons:

  • I am SICK TO DEATH of feeling like crap and I know with absolute certainty that my as-of-late lackluster diet is the problem!
  • I am turning 30 on October 3rd, so why not celebrate my health and body too?
  • I love a good challenge!
  • I also love group activities.
  • It sounds like a cool experience. Maybe even one I could carry on with longterm, not just for the month of October.
  • Did I mention that the pledge comes with some rad coupons from Bob’s Red Mill? Yep, that’s right. Coupons for food that’s not complete junk. You won’t find that in your Sunday paper!

It should be noted that I am not waiting until October to take steps toward the successful follow-through of this challenge. I am currently in the midst of making some major life changes right this very moment. This challenge is a welcome addition to these other changes.

It should also be noted that there will be birthday celebrations, lots of Halloween fun (without candy though), the return of The Walking Dead (yay!), Halloween Horror Nights, and OKTOBERFEST during this month as well. So I must admit that I will consume some alcohol and meals outside of the house. I will do my best to make these choices as minimally-processed as possible, but there is sure to be some slip, all things considered.

October is always a big month for me and this year, it is even more exciting than usual. So much good stuff coming up…I am really starting to get pumped about it! Β πŸ™‚

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