This is bothering me…


This one little Facebook-Floater is driving me mad. It keeps reappearing in my news feed from different pages that I like. And it stings me a bit every time I see it.

Why does it sting?
Because it’s a mirror. Things only sting us when they’re showing us something we don’t like, but that we know deep down is true.

The truth is clearly that I am not standing up for what I believe in.
I’m being neutral. Biting my tongue. Keeping quiet.

I wouldn’t want to offend anyone.
I wouldn’t want to start an argument.
I wouldn’t want to make anyone think less of me.
I wouldn’t want to come off as being a fanatic.
I wouldn’t want to be thought of as extreme.
I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

I’m being a coward!!! That’s why this image is driving me crazy!
First, I am letting the opinions of others prevent me from saying/doing what I know in my heart is right (which is a majorly un-Jesus-like move!) and I am not taking a STAND for what I believe in!

And that makes me mad at myself. That’s why this picture is bothering me.
It’s making me see a truth about myself that sucks.

So clearly, I have to take a stand on some things. I have to take a stand for children, for animals, for our environment, for our food system, for the poor, for equality, for LOVE.

There will definitely be days that I say, post, share, examine, explore, and encourage things that will piss people off. But that’s what it takes, isn’t it? That’s what it takes to make the world change. And I have to take a stand for the betterment of this world. I have to be loudly against the things that are so obviously wrong and loudly in support of all that is right, and save the peaceful neutrality for the places where it does more good than harm.

“Whenever one person stands up and says, ‘Wait a minute, this is wrong,’ it helps other people to do the same.”~Gloria Steinem

stand up

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