Dear Judge Boyd

The letter I just dropped in the mail to the judge in this Ethan Couch fiasco.

February 6, 2014

Texas State District 323 – Family District
The Honorable Jean Boyd
2701 Kimbo Road
Fort Worth, TX 76111

Dear Judge Boyd,

I am writing to you regarding the case and sentencing of Mr. Ethan Couch. I am sure you have received numerous letters and phone calls about this case as the handling of this trial and sentencing has sparked a great deal of public outrage. My intention is to explain why this situation has brought such a strong reaction from the community and what step might be taken as a result.

Americans are tired of watching wealthy people commit crimes without punishment. We have had enough of it. We are burdened by seeing celebrities and people of wealth make poor and illegal decisions without ever having to take responsibility for it. It has become too common. We’ve seen too many perfectly-innocent, everyday people put in prison for years, while there is no justice for the audacious and unlawful choices made by the rich and/or famous. This is becoming infuriating. It is senseless and, most importantly, it is not fair or just. And the preservation of justice is, I believe, the whole purpose of our judicial branch.

The public simply does not believe the excuse of “affluenza”. Our society does not even recognize that as a real condition. However, if that is the basis on which you decided the sentencing, did you consider that by giving Ethan Couch yet another opportunity to be free of any real consequence that you would also then be contributing to his supposed “affluenza”? It seems the more logical approach would be to present him with an actual and impacting consequence in an effort to teach the teen that there are indeed results to our actions, and he has to suffer them like everybody else does. It is absolutely blasphemous for him to get away with this by claiming that he didn’t know it was wrong because his parents supposedly never taught him such things. That’s completely and totally ridiculous. There is no way a child could even survive to sixteen years of age without some parental authority to guard them against the dangers of this world. Such a ludicrous claim would have to also mean that his parents never advised him to watch for cars, or not to play with fire, or not to go away with strangers. These are things that children are often inclined to do, and I don’t know one single parent who has not had to interfere with their children’s lives to prevent such things from happening on at least one occasion. It is absurd to assume that Ethan Couch has never once done anything to warrant his parent’s correction. He has without a doubt been instructed, advised, or corrected by his parents, teachers, and other authority figures throughout his life, and he absolutely knows that driving drunk is wrong and there are consequences for doing so!

This entire ordeal stinks of corruption. You are a Judge. You are someone that people count on to be diplomatic and fair. Your role in society is to treat the law with priority and the citizens as equal. This is your duty as a presiding judge in the State Court of Texas. But instead, your actions in this case have said to the families of these victims that their lives weren’t valuable enough for justice. You actions have said to all of America that we can buy our way out of the law, if the price is right. You have made it clear that murder has become forgivable in our society and that blatant disregard for others is perfectly acceptable. To be frank, it is very difficult to believe that you came to your final decision without some, shall we call it, “influence” from the Couch family. The outcome of this trial is so outlandish that it is hard to believe that it came by honest means.

Ethan Couch killed four innocent people. He took the very lives of Hollie Boyles, Shelby Boyles, Breanna Mitchell, and Brian Jennings. A wife, her daughter, a family friend, and a pastor. All together on the side of the road trying to help Breanna with her broken down car, when an irresponsible and intoxicated teenager plows into them, ending their lives and destroying countless others, in one split second.

Four people that will never see another sunrise. Three families that will never eat another meal together. Their lives are gone. Taken from them by some drunk kid who doesn’t even know how valuable life is.

And you, Judge Boyd, have allowed this. It is my sincerest hope that you consider stepping down from your position as Judge. Whether your action in this case was simply poor decision-making or motivated by corruption, we do not know. But either way, you have deeply disappointed the people and should therefore seriously consider resigning your position in public office.

Danielle Hewitt

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Judge Jean Boyd

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Ethan Couch’s victims, from left: Brian Jennings, Breanna Mitchell, Hollie Boyles, Shelby Boyles.
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