Weekend in Arrowhead, Part 1

My husband and I spent last weekend up in Lake Arrowhead celebrating our 8/10 anniversary. In case I haven’t explained this already, we are always celebrating two anniversaries on our love day, which is April 22nd. Why? Becauseย Kris asked me to be his girlfriend on 4/22/2004 and then exactly two years later on 4/22/2006, we got married. So this year, we had 8 married years and 10 together years to celebrate. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m excited to share how the weekend went, but I’ll do it in two or three pieces. For part 1, I’ll start off with the trip up there and our awesome lodging set-up.ย Then I’ll talk a lotย about adult beverages, andย eventually move on to creeks and waffles and such things.

We left Saturday morning around 9:30, making two quick stops for coffee and something else.

The plan was to stop at a burger joint in Riverside that Krisย swears has the best breakfast burritos ever. Unfortunately, they had stopped serving breakfast by the time we got there. Slight bummer, but the I.E. has plenty of other burger joints and we ended up at one called Gus’ Junior#6, which was basically the last place to stop before the road headed up the mountain.

And I must say that this breakfast burrito was out-freakin’-standing! I don’t care one bit that we missed the serving time at the first place because that Gus – he makes one mean burrito and I savored every bite! I was rather hungry by this point so snapping a pic of this awesomeness did not cross my mind, but I promise, it was great.

So up the hillย we went…through Crestline and Lake Gregory, up a little road called Peninsula Way, and popped out right at the entrance to NorthBay Lake Arrowhead where we were staying.

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this place. Having bought the Groupon for this little extravaganza, I expected there to be some sort of upcharge or additional nonsense, or something like that to annoy me. But much to my (pleasant) surprise, it was absolutely perfect. Check-in took maybe 3 minutes and our suite, the Sugar Pine…I totally could have lived there.

It was one of those where you walk in and immediately make your way to the lower level. The stairs drop you into in an extremely efficient kitchenette. These folks thought of everything, including an electric skillet and two-burner hotplate to compensate for not having a range like some of the other suites do. It had everything we needed to have been able to eat-in in the entire time. And we did entertain that idea, but finally settledย on breakfasts and Sunday dinner in, everything else out so we could experience the tastes of the town! ย (We like to eat, really…I think that’s what it comes down to…)

So besides the kitchen…the bedroom had a king bed andย attached bathroom with a tub (that I made great use of) along with anย extended dressing area. There was also a living room with a pull-out couch, fireplace, TV, etc. The patio was completely private and I loved every second of drinking my morning coffee out there with the trees.
patio coffee

Seriously – the place was great. I could not have asked for more perfect accommodations.





Our Home Away from Home


Boots and Tree Stump


Where to go:

Gus Junior #6
1292 N. Waterman Avenue
San Bernardino, CA 92404

NorthBay Lake Arrowhead
27400 Sugarpine Drive
Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352

Jensen’s Foods
27264 CA Highway 189
Blue Jay, CA 92317

Stater Bros – Arrowhead
28100 CA Highwayย 189
Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352

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