Weekend in Arrowhead, Part 2 (i.e. wine)

You know how I mentioned that I would talk a lot about adult beverages the next time I addressed the weekend in Lake Arrowhead? Yeah? Well, that time has come. So kick up your feet and grab yourself a glass. We’re going in…

But first, please acknowledge the absolute amazingness that is a Chocolate Covered Strawberry. There is nothing else so sweet and juicy and fresh and chocolatey all at one time! Oh, I love them. I could eat ten of them for every meal! Well, maybe not every meal, but I could definitely handle some chocolate strawberries and mimosas on a more regular basis…

While devouring the strawberry, I noticed a wine shop called The Grapevine, which immediately became a mandatory stop.

Grapevine Wine Shop

I browsed the shelves for a few minutes, admiring the wine selections, various tapenades, and cute trinkets. I then noticed an empty table in the bar area at the same moment the shop-keeper invited us to sit for a tasting. She added that there was also a beer flight for tasting and Kris was sold.

Together at Grapevine Wine Shop

The date stamp on this picture is off by a day for some reason…it was actually Saturday, the 26th.

One of the beers he tasted was the He’Brew R.I.P.A. While it was the most unique beer in the flight (never had a Rye IPA before…) it was not the one he liked most. His favorite was the Boulevard Brewing Company Sixth Glass Quadrupel Ale.

Beer Flight

HeBrew RIPA Beer


As for the wine…it went like this:  Pinot, Blend, Zin, Cab, Dessert.

Wine Menu

The first taste was Angeline Reserve Pinot Noir (2012, California)
It was light and a delicious starter, albeit drier than I anticipated. The tasting notes describe it well. I liked it, but don’t know that I would’ve bought a whole bottle.
Wine Pinot 1

Wine Pinot 2


The second taste was Padrao Dos Povos Red Blend (2010, Portugal)
I liked this one a lot – this and the zin were my favorites. I should have bought a bottle of this one, and I know I inquired about it because I remember the bartender telling me they were $27, but I must have gotten side-tracked or something because I did ultimately leave empty-handed…

Wine Blend 1

Wine Blend 2

The third taste was Dry Creek Heritage Zinfandel (2012, Sonoma County)
Also a tasty treat, and I liked it because it was kind of new. I don’t often look to red zinfandels when wine shopping – probably due to unfairly associating them with their way-too-sweet white zin cousin. So this was only the second time I’d had one. The first being one by Gnarly Head at Cafe Tu Tu Tango, which was also very enjoyable. I need to remember that red zins exist, and that I like them!

Wine Zin 1

Wine Zin 2

The fourth taste was Matchbook Cabernet Sauvignon (2012, Lake County)
This was a rich and flavorful wine that I looked forward to during the whole tasting. When it comes to wine, cabs were my first love. We met in 2008 and they were what wine was supposed to be. Having previously known only the likes of chardonnay (which I strongly dislike) cabernet sauvignon was the answer to my wine woes. Fortunately, this taste did not disappoint.

Wine Cab 1

Wine Cab 2

The fifth and final taste was Niner Doce Nove Dessert Wine (2011, Paso Robles)
And it was one of the most disgusting things I have ever tasted in my life. This was like children’s grape juice mixed with gasoline and vodka. Absolutely terrible, and the only one I left in the glass. Seriously, I don’t know who thought this stuff was a good idea, but they were wrong. You see in the notes where it says “apparent alcohol, but well-integrated”? The second half of that statement is a blatant and outrageous lie.


Wine Dessert 1

Wine Dessert 2

Where to go:

The Grapevine Boutique Wine Shop
28200 CA Hwy 189,  C210
Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352

What to drink/buy/order:
Padrao Dos Povos Red Blend
Boulevard Brewing Company Sixth Glass Quadrupel Ale


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  1. Hello Danielle,

    It’s Michelle (McCollum) Abdelaziz. I was thinking about you the other day and say your twitter page. You have done incredible on everything you’ve mentioned you’ve wanted to accomplish and I am so happy to see this. Your web page is beautiful and your babies are getting more beautiful by the day. As a mother now, I never realized how fast they grow. Andre is already coming up on 14 months. He has mommies charm, but daddies looks, lol. Hope you’re well and I wish you nothing but success in your future endeavors. I will definitely be showing my support in making sure you get hits on your we page from this end.

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