Weekend in Arrowhead, Part 3

Dinner on Saturday – Hike & Lunch on Sunday

I’ll go in chronological order because I’m sensible like that.

We shared appetizers for dinner at a sports bar that wasn’t really anything special. In hindsight, we probably should have gone somewhere a little more anniversary’ish, like the original place I had in mind. But it sounded like reservations were going to be needed (which we learned a little too late) and we figured there was no reason to be all fancy when we could just as happily enjoy a more casual spot and have a drink.

The food was alright, but nothing to get excited about. The service, however, was wonderful. Our server was friendly and super attentive, and they moved at lightning speed. There was hardly any waiting. For a run-of-the-mill sports bar, the place was great. Plenty of TVs streaming everything from hockey to dirt bike racing.

The prices were standard and the Long Island was strong. And the bread was delicious. Man, I love carbs…


Killer Long Island Iced Tea

Kris and Giant Soup Bowl

After this, we watched a movie and went to sleep.

The next morning we went for a hike on the Seeley Creek Trail, also known as the Heart Rock Hike. The promise of a waterfall and heart-shaped pool made this a fairly easy choice when evaluating the trails to choose from.

I took pictures of my tree homies while Kris was smoking a cigarette or whatever it was he was doing…


Me and My Homies

Then down the trail we went, which led us first through a little meadow with a big tree that was just begging for hug!


This was the top half of that bad boy! Have I mentioned how much I love trees?
They’re so awesome.

Tree Top

We continued on after I was done loving on this beauty of creation.

Trail Pathway

Kris Under Boulder

Light Through the Trees

It was a gorgeous trail! Really shady and accurately described in the visitor guide as a “wooded wonderland”. It really, truly was exactly that. The trail runs alongside a creek the entire time so that beautiful sound of flowing water stays with you throughout. There’s trees galore, rocks to climb, doggies strolling with their people, and birds that sing the most adorable song you’ve ever heard!

Its also a fairly easy trail. There were a few very minor hilly parts and a couple places to watch your footing, but I am confident that my 5-year-old (oh my gosh – Kiki is FIVE! What?!?!?) could totally handle it, as did my nearly-a-pack-a-day husband. So assuming you can walk with relative ease, you can probably hike this trail with little trouble too.

Eventually we made it to the promised heart-shaped pool. And you know what – that thing is 100% heart-shaped! You don’t have to tilt your head just so or catch it from any particular angle. It is just naturally and gloriously shaped like a perfect little heart. I loved it!

Heart Pond and Feets

Kris decided to try to climb right to it. I was not as confident in my choice of footwear to attempt the task, but he managed to scramble over there pretty easily. I was a little nervous watching him climb over the part of the boulder to the left of the two little pools because there was not much to grab on to, but thanks to long legs and that top pool being close to dry, he successfully made his way.

Heart Pond 1

Heart Pond 2

We hung out there for a while on the big rock  looking down over the waterfall and pools before heading back.

The “end” of the trail isn’t technically the end. You can keep going and it walks you down (quite steeply, I might add, since the trail is on much higher ground) to the heart pool and falls. The alternative (which was our choice) was to climb up and down the rocks. Either way, traction is required and I trusted the traction of those little white shoes on the hard rocks more than I did the easy-slide dirt of the steep trail.

From where I am standing in this picture:
Behind me are the rocks we used to get up and down from the pools and falls.
Straight through and veering right would take you down the steep trail to the same place.
The opposite direction goes back to the trailhead.

Trail Pathway BW


We went back to the Village after our hike to try this Belgian Waffle & Beer place that looked like a lot of fun. And it turns out – this Belgian Waffle& Beer place is a lot of fun! Who knew? 😉

I was overwhelmed by the waffle options, and entertained a Banana Cream Pie waffle for awhile, but ultimately decided ice cream was not what I needed on top of a waffle and went for the classic original instead. I was perfectly pleased, possibly due to the tasty mimosa I ordered along with it.



My husband, on the other hand, had to get something wild. He ordered the “Sweetie Pie” and a Chocolate Porter.

The Sweetie Pie

Chocolate Porter

our little lunch + this view = a happy afternoon


We walked around the opposite way to head back to the car and Kris found himself a new pet…

Dinosaur 1

Dinosaur 2

And I found this beautiful bloom stepping out in the sunshine, even though it was still pretty chilly. I think I remember 56 being the highest temp I saw over the weekend, and 43 the lowest.

Magenta Flower in the Village


It was such a perfect weekend…I am so very grateful for this time with my love.

Kris Danielle 1




Where to go:

Belgian Waffle Works
28200 CA Highway 189  #150
Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352

Seeley Creek Trail
Forest Service Road 2N03
Highway 138, 1/4 mile south of the entrance to Camp Seeley
Do NOT park at Camp Seeley, the dude will tow you. (Glad I asked first!)
Drive down the tiny road that looks like you should not drive on.
Go over the creek, about a quarter mile, park at the marked trailhead.
It did not seem that a permit was required for this hike.


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