Media Diet

So I put myself on a media diet for the month of May in an effort to gain some clarity and withdraw from distractions.

A big positive: I don’t feel at all deprived.
Dare I say…I might even be enjoying this!

My media diet – which, to be clear, is not a “fast” – goes like this.

  • No TV. (and since The Walking Dead is off till October, no problems here!)
  • No reading my Facebook feed.
  • Same with Twitter.
  • I will acknowledge posts, comments, etc made directly to me, but that’s about it. There won’t be any extended engagement or anything like that.
  • No hanging out on Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, or other time-suck websites.
  • At best avoiding entirely, but at least being super mindful of media sources I encounter unexpectedly, and not absorbing their output.
  • Permitted: Magazines, webzines, blogs, etc if they are about health/wellness, fitness, yoga, nutrition, spiritual matters, writing, or creativity. And with discretion, topics that generally bring me joy, inspiration, or empowerment.
  • Not Permitted: Reading the news. It is starting to unravel me again. So no Al Jazeera, or USA Today, or “Top Headlines”…
  • And I do not mind if other things I use (like WordPress, Instagram, etc) cross-post to Facebook or Twitter, as long as I personally am not viewing the site.

I am on Day 5 of this little adventure and I am feeling seriously good!

I’ve realized how much I dislike Facebook, and I’ve been wondering why I pretend that I’m bored (see: procrastinating) just to scroll through post-after-post of useless input. It sucks to say, but the good stuffs are few and far between. It is mostly just wacky political rants, blatant fake’ness, and obscene amounts of #firstworldproblems complaining. I guess I’m just over it. I want to connect with and truly care for people, and Facebook seems to hinder [far more than help] that aspiration.

As for the rest of my media diet, I just need a break from it all. There’s too much senseless sludge jamming up my gears. I get overly concerned with issues and events, and it starts weighing me down after not too long.

And since I know exactly what kinds of things I should be focusing my attention on, I have to take away the stuff that interferes with doing so. That way my attention stays right where it belongs, while my creativity stays vibin’ and productivity stays pushin’!

I’ll journal more about this as the month goes by.

So far, I have started note-writing and brainstorming on a second book project and have been able to calm my wild mind during meditation, which is something I typically struggle with a lot.

Good stuff up till now…I’ll let you know how it plays out! 🙂











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