What’s Good? On June 27th…

Happy Friday!

I can’t believe its already the final week of First Step Experience. This session has gone by too fast! I am praying that every person who has been with us these last six weeks has found inspiration, guidance, and love as they take their next steps in following Jesus – wherever that may lead them!

The break will be good for me though because I’ll get to focus solely on Financial Peace University. I am so excited for this class. It starts July 10th and I am just counting down the days! My materials came on Wednesday and it was as fun as getting a new book in the mail, but like, times a hundred. So stoked on this!


Also, I really love bananas.

But let’s just get to the good stuff, shall we?


You’ve heard the whole thing about “sitting is the new smoking” right?

I hope so…its been on the front page of health news for the last several months. I have become quite a fan of taking walks around the cluster of office buildings, working while standing up (in fact, I am standing right now as I type this) and moving through some back-and-forward-bending asanas in my office a couple times a day.

TodayHealth has some more ways to combat this a bit.


  • 50 Stand-Ups (squatting into your chair)
  • A whole bunch (like 400) arm rolls
  • “Paper Clip PickUps”
  • Desk Push-Ups


today health office

Read the whole article here.


**TREE NEWS**  (which is always important because trees are awesome!)


Some ecologists at the University of British Columbia wondered:

Can trees actually communicate with each other?

Apparently so…

talinking trees


I really loved Day 11 (yesterday/Thursday) of the Ruth study from SheReadsTruth.

day 11

I’ve been going through some tough stuff lately and this Ruth study has been like a good friend holding my hand. I have a hard time talking about it because…well, you know that old saying “beating a dead horse“? That’s what it feels like to talk about it. My friend told me the other night to just keep praying through it, as we all have that one thing that keeps us on our knees.

She didn’t know how much truth I heard in her words because I  had not shared how I completely lost it just earlier that day. The anxiety of it all had become too much and the physical effects of it were taking me over. I started crying (like uncontrollable/ridiculous crying) and, truly, all I could do was fall down to my knees and pray.

The situation isn’t any better yet, but at least I got the peace I begged for that morning. And I trust Him…somehow this is going to work for good, even if it hurts for awhile.


Eight Secrets to Successful Self-Promotion and Building Your Own Brand

By the always awesome Marie Forleo. (I’ve loved this chick for a long time!)

build your brand


This coffee shop in North Dakota that operates on the “Honor System” – The Vault cafe. 

vault cafe


10 Ways to Seduce a Writer     (and all of them are spot-on)

10 ways


This fantastic truth.


Don’t forget that.   Seriously.


And the reading for this week has (still) been: 

Layout 1


letting go of your limitations




For the good stuff I shared elsewhere:





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