Understanding Surrender

People don’t usually like the word “surrender” because it kicks up feelings of weakness, loss, and defeat. It certainly does for me. And I don’t want to think of myself as weak, even if only for the sake of telling socio-cultural standards to suck it.

Besides, I’ve spent the last three and a half years getting strong.
Strong in body.
Strong in mind.
Strong in spirit.

And therein lies the epiphany. All of this began at the gym when I first wanted to transform my body.

So how did I do that?

I woke up at dark:thirty six days a week to do a truly butt-kicking workout. I ate clean, I tracked every single bite that went in my mouth, and I manipulated macro-nutrients. I studied, practiced, sacrificed, and focused fully on the goal at hand.

You could say I was committed.
You could say I was dedicated.
You could even say I was surrendered.

And I made choices to that end, BECAUSE I WANTED TO.

I stopped drinking soda and other sugary beverages, because it brought me closer to my goal. I didn’t eat dessert very often, because it brought me closer to my goal. I was wide-awake doing plyo drills while everyone else was still asleep, again, because it brought me closer to my goal.

I did a whole lot of things that prompted questions:  Why do you do that? Aren’t you tired? Doesn’t that get exhausting? Why even bother? All of this, just to have a nice body?

But I made my choices because I loved what I was doing.
Because I was completely, totally, fully committed…dedicated…and surrendered to it.

So why should anyone set aside time for prayer?
What sense is there in reading and studying the Bible?
And what’s the point of trying to turn away from sin?
Who cares if we have any discernment?
We’re under Grace now…why bother with laws?
All of this, just to have a nice soul?

Every choice we make to this end is BECAUSE WE WANT TO. Because we love it.
Because we are completely, fully committed…dedicated…and surrendered.

And because it will bring us closer to our God.

Surrender to God makes us stronger, fitter, and better-equipped to take on this life.
Just like “surrender” to a health and fitness regimen does.

So go ahead….surrender to God, or use one of the other words if it makes you more comfortable. Call yourself fully devoted, fully committed, fully dedicated. Fully whatever’ed.

And watch the transformation that comes from this. Watch as your soul grows stronger, your mind grows lighter, the weightiness leaves you, and your fleeting cravings become an insatiable hunger for a Spirit-led life.

Find deep, heartfelt pleasure in this transformation so that you continue to surrender (devote, dedicate, commit) to the Lord out of desire and love. BECAUSE YOU WANT TO, not ever because you feel like you have to.

God feels things too, and He doesn’t want to feel like an obligation. (Nobody likes to feel that way.)

So surrender for LOVE of what He’s done in your heart and in your life, in the same way a bodybuilder surrenders to their fitness plan for the love of it. Nobody is forcing them to lead the oftentimes sacrificing life of a bodybuilder, but they love it so much that they fully devote themselves to it anyway.

We can have that same kind of devotion with the God of the universe.
Talk about endorphins! 😉


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