What’s good? On September 5th!

We survived another week – YAY!

My thoughts on this week:

  1. I think all weekends should be of the 3-day variety. Two days is just not enough weekend.
  2. I am really quite proud of myself for making it through my little adventure to LA yesterday without any freak outs!
  3. There will come a time that, as a wife, you have to give in to your husband’s seemingly unnecessary obsession with getting a new TV. This is inevitable. And when the time is right, you will need to raise a white flag and let the thing happen. He will have mentioned this desire to you roughly 30 times, having used enough sense to put a couple months between each approach of the subject. You will have by this time exhausted every excuse about sensibility and practicality and how great the TV is that you already have. If you can afford it (and you probably can or he wouldn’t keep bringing it up) just give in and let him buy it. This purchase results in more than [an admittedly cool] new TV. It results in a happy husband who might suddenly give children baths without being asked and other such niceties. It also results in three years (or so) of peace before you have to entertain the idea again. Not to mention, improved views of Daryl Dixon (37 DAYS!!!!) and better small group study viewing, if that happens to be a need of yours. So keep in mind that electronic gadgetry is actually a love language to men and let him buy a new toy every few years. 😉
  4. I am thinking of bringing back Small Change Challenges. Would anyone want this to happen? I would start back at one with our “Quit Drinking Soda” challenge and go from there. Thoughts?
  5. Vintage Cabbage Patch Kids. I’m still basking in the glow of my thrift shop score last weekend….
  6. I can’t believe Financial Peace University is over already. It went by so fast but I learned SO MUCH and have a whole new confidence and, well – PEACE – about my financial health! I’ll dig into this a little deeper in another post but just know that I recommend the heck out of this class!

For now, how about the good stuff I came across this week?


THIS….ALL OF THIS!   🙂   🙂   🙂

“Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top!”


12 Workouts to Improve Your [every] Mood on Livestrong

workouts to improve your mood









So the Cincinnati Bengals had to cut one of their players, Devon Still, because Devon’s little girl is battling cancer right now so [reasonably] Devon cannot focus fully on his football career. The Bengals did have to cut him from the regular team, but they did it in the most classy and compassionate way possible. An example of how we should treat people.

devon still














High School Fashion, 1969

I love this. SO SO SO MUCH. 

high school fashion 1969


















Doon-Doon was always so right on when he told me I’d missed my decade…


The Ultimate Guide to Nuts       (I loved this!)  Hooray for nuts! 

































































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