My Right Now

  • Making:  My lists, plans, and visions for the future.


  • Cooking:  I don’t know what’s for dinner yet, but it is a warm 80+ degrees here in Orange County so you can assume it will be something refreshing and cooling. 🙂


  • Drinking:  Black Coffee



  • Wanting:  To go on a yoga, meditation, and nature retreat. It needs to also involve kayaking.


  • Looking:  For said retreat, that is potentially affordable. The cost of these things is unreal!


  • Wishing:  That I didn’t have to work in a job I hate.


  • Enjoying:  My meditation practice this week. Its been nice.


  • Waiting:  For the season of life that will follow this current one.


  • Liking:  Tommy Rosen, Gabrielle Bernstein, Nikki Myers…


  • Wondering:  How long it will take me to make this incredible dream happen.


  • Loving:  The Spicy Asian Chicken Salad from Coco’s. I want one soooooo bad right now!


  • Hoping:  For a week or two of a break between this session of FSX and the next.


  • Needing:  SLEEP…or just some serious rest and relaxation. I am really tired. What I wouldn’t give for a vacation…like a REAL ONE, not one of these stupid breaks filled with alternative forms of stress that I have come to call vacations.


  • Smelling:  Just my coffee. And its lovely.


  • Wearing:  Black leggings, a grey camisole, and a different shade of grey blouse that the cast of Seinfeld might call a pirate shirt. And black ballet flats.


  • Following:  My heart.


  • Noticing:  How long and how deep I was stuck. And how much potential there is in this process of getting un-stuck.


  • Knowing:  That I am truly listening to God’s instructions…instructions that He’s been giving me for a long time.


  • Thinking:  About how carefully I need to tread with my diet, because my stomach is so dang sensitive! And also about whether I really need to wait for the completion of my book to tell my story. What would happen if I told it now? If I used my blog to tell it? Its a big question for me…


  • Feeling:  Tired, but hopeful.



  • Listening to: iHeartRadio….Taylor Swift at the moment.


  • Obsessing over:  All of these courses and trainings that I want so badly to take!


  • Learning:  About myself….a whole lot about myself.


  • Bothered by:  Right now, I am most bothered by the terrorism in the world. I am not a politically-inclined person. I don’t like that kind of stuff and I don’t pretend to be super educated about it, but of course I see the news, and I am really bothered by it. I don’t understand why humanity can’t just coexist in peace. It hurts my heart to see the things I have been seeing.


  • Eating:  Nothing right now, but rest assured I will be seriously chowing down in about 2 hours.


  • Wasting time on:  Social Media, of course. Is there any better way to waste time in this day and age?


  • Praying for:  My process here of Healing and Recovery….Freedom.


  • Working on:  Myself…my present awareness, my meditation and yoga practice, my heart, my future.


  • Looking forward to:  The other side of all this, whatever that looks like exactly.


  • Wasting:  My time and energy in a job and career path that I absolutely loathe and that does not fulfill me or feed my passions in any way. BUT – the good news is that this is going to change.


  • Marveling:  At how much my food cravings have diminished, particularly my nighttime sugar attack. I have not wanted Junior Mints or Twix or chocolate or any of that stuff since last Thursday when everything went to hell in handbasket. And even more so at how that was such a pivotal day, considering how much it sucked.


  • Bookmarking:  Stuff for my “What’s Good?” post that will go up this Friday.


  • Writing:  On my blog and working on my book.

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