Four Brothers and One Tree

I need to share this little story I heard this morning:

Once there was a man who had four sons. He wanted to teach them all something very important so he sent each of them on a solo journey to visit an old tree.

The oldest son went in the winter time. The second son went in the spring. The third went in the summer. And the youngest went in the fall.

After they had all returned from their journeys, he gathered them together to ask what they had seen.

The oldest son said he had seen the tree, but did not know why it was so important because it was nothing more than a crooked mess of ugly branches.

The second son disagreed saying that the tree was lush and green, full of all sorts of potential.

The third son said that yes, the tree was beautiful but that it was full of vibrant, colorful flowers, not just green.

And the youngest son disagreed with all of them saying the tree was not bare, nor green, nor flowering, but full of delicious fruit to eat.

Their father said that therein lies the lesson. He said that you cannot ever judge a tree – or any other being – by only one season of it’s existence. That it takes the full cycle of all seasons to see the real beauty of growth and life. That no being can be known by just one small portion of their individual life cycle, and we must wait and witness through all of the seasons to see one for who and what they truly are.


You’re welcome.  😉

Photo Credit: Skyro

Photo Credit: Skyro









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