Anniversary Love Earth Day

That is what I call today. Because this is the day that I get to celebrate love, marriage, partnership, and our beautiful planet.

11 years ago, my husband asked me to be his girlfriend. Exactly 2 years later, we got married.

And both of those beautiful love moments of my life happened on the same day that we all come together to celebrate the awesomeness and magnificence of our incredible Earth!!

Let’s celebrate the Earth first. Here are some awesome ways:

Watch the full-length documentary, Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, for $1.
That one little dollar buys you a lifetime digital copy that you can watch forever and ever.

Then check out some seriously strong tips from Wanderlust:

For me, it is all about selling the Keurig machine.

The guilt I have faced with every single cup I brew for the last month and a half  since the day I read this article is killing me. I don’t know how the impact didn’t occur to me prior to that time, considering how much coffee I drink with the boxes those cups come in, on top of the cup themselves. I really don’t know where my mind was at on this one. I feel terrible about it though. Like really horrendously awful. 😦

So today, for the sake of the Earth and not my own petty convenience, the Keurig is finding a new home via Craigslist and I will take the extra time to brew coffee using more environmentally friendly methods.

As for our Anniversary/Love today…

I love this man.

I love what we have grown through together, the storms we have weathered, the intimacy we share.

I love that he knows me, every single bit of me, and loves me anyway.

I love how much we have experienced together and carried each other through.

I love the forgiveness and grace we’ve extended to one another over the years.

I love the acceptance and understanding we have come to, respecting and loving each other unconditionally.

I love that he lets me be a weird, flirtatious, whimsical, head-in-the-clouds, tree-hugging hippie.

Even though he is a down-to-earth, mechanical, technical, sometimes moody, car and import-racing enthusiast.

Its been said that I am the balloon and he is the string, and yeah, that is a pretty solid illustration.

We are in so many ways absolutely nothing alike and yet there is truly nobody else in the world I’d rather have dinner with.

Or make love to. Or take road trips with. Or sleep and dream and ride alongside.

I love this man. And I will love him forever.


Me and my sexy bearded man. I love him so much. ❤















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